Masquerade Brawl

If you're grappling with what to do on Saturday night, if you can’t quite pin down your plans, if indecision has you in a full nelson . . . well, here’s a suggestion: Go to Chandler Cinemas for some Mexican-wrestling madness.

Starting at 8pm, tireless B-picture maven Midnite Movie Mamacita presents Noche de Luchadores, an overstuffed evening of fun and frenzy devoted to the wild world of masked Mexican mat-maulers. The festivities kick off with an hour of live wrasslin’ in the lobby by indie troupe XJAM. There will also be an all-female bout refereed by local roller-derby dames.

Then, at 9pm, get a dose of iconic south-of-the-border action star Santo in Santo vs. the Voodoo Woman, an early '70s turkey in which the masked hombre takes on a voodoo priestess and some zombies. The 35mm print is dubbed in French, but the Mamacita is undaunted -- she's brought in local comedy troupes Phoenix Neutrino Project and Galapagos to provide a wacky improv soundtrack.

Not enough nuttiness for you? After the flick, stick around for a performance by Valley garage/surf rockers The Rebel Set.

All this for only $10? That clinches it!

Sat., Dec. 1, 8 p.m., 2007
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M.V. Moorhead
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