Matilda's Closet: The Westside's Hub for Vintage

Matilda's Closet in Glendale is not for the faint-hearted shopper. It would take months and a football team of vintage experts to sift through the entire collection of owners Rose and Sandy Prescott -- it's a museum of vintage clothing, accessories, and housewares.

The self-professed "vintage clothing junkies" began hunting for vintage in the 70's, but they didn't just stock up on old band T-shirts. The Prescotts gather items that are unique and glamorous, from thick mink coats to sparkly blue Elton John-esque suits. They want their customers to love it as much as they do, and to be able to find whatever it is they're looking for.

We stopped by to check out the goods. Find out what we'd take, what we'd leave and why we'd go back after the jump.

Things We're Taking Home:

1. Vogue cover picture: They may sell these at Target, but this one is perfectly aged and will look great in the bathroom ($20).
2. Brass piggy bank: It's like a mini vault, but cute and quirky: $20.
3. Vintage suspenders: They have 'em in every color, size, and style for $10 to $20.
4. Round plastic sunglasses: A stylish and sturdy way to protect your eyes from the glaring sun for $25.
5. Tiered summer dress: This long vintage dress is modern and neutral ($47).

Things On Our Wish List:

1. "Amelia Earhart" 2-pc herringbone suitcase set: Travel old-Hollywood style with this set of tasteful luggage for $300.
2. Stetson cowboy hats: These vintage Stetson cowboy hats will last a lifetime and will always be in style. Choose from a collection of different neutral shades ranging from $70 to $125.
3. Butterscotch Bakelite sunglasses: We love these effortlessly cool, super chic shades ($95).
4. Braided copper belt:This is intricate, heavy, and adjustable: $56.

We Left Behind... A semi-scary penny bank of Mickey Mouse's head. A little too large, a little too real.

Why We'd Go Back...
The selection of vintage is never-ending and unmatchable -- and everything we saw was in excellent condition.

Matilda's Closet is located at 6960 N. 57th Dr. in Glendale. They are open Sunday from 12 to 5 p.m. and Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Check out their website and Ebay store for more info or to buy online.

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Hannah Hayes