What Are You Wearing?

Meghan McIntyre's Bargain Buys

Meghan McIntyre doesn't consider herself a mainstream fashionista, but when she walks to her favorite spots in downtown Phoenix, it's obvious she knows how to be practical while still being fashion forward.

A co-events coordinator for Roosevelt Row, McIntyre focuses on the A.R.T.S. (Adaptive Re-Use of Temporary Space) program that temporarily activates the city's empty lots with gardens and art markers.

McIntyre says her closet is filled with vintage and discount finds.

"I don't buy anything that's more than $20 ever," she says. "Everything I've ever seen on somebody that wasn't hand-me-down and that was expensive, I've seen at Buffalo Exchange."

Read on to find out more about McIntyre's fashion faves and spontaneous alterations.

What are you wearing? 

A vintage scarf from Buffalo Exchange and denim shorts from GAP. My shoes were $9 at Urban Outfitters 

What is your favorite thing to wear? 
Boots -- cowboy boots, combat boots, desert boots, any kind of boots. They're fun and you can step on things and not hurt your feet. 

What's the most attention grabbing thing you've ever worn? 
I had a dress a couple of weeks ago that was this old vintage linen dress. It had a boom box that somebody had screen-printed on it in gold. I came to work in it, but it was very thin and old so when I bent over it ripped up the side. For the whole day I had a dress with an accidental peek-a-boo. 

What's the last item of clothing you bought? 
I bought a dress in L.A., at Zara. That was $13. It was awesome because it used to be $80. 

What do you like to accessorize with? 
Sunglasses and scarves. 

What item of clothing do you most covet at the moment? 
I really want to buy a straw fedora hat. I haven't been able to find one that didn't look completely idiotic.

Where would you love to have a shopping spree? 
Buffalo Exchange or Anthropology. 

What are some of your style icons? 
Woody Allen, Bing Crosby, and Katharine Hepburn. 

Give us a childhood memory of you and clothing: 
I used to dress up like characters in movies that I was very into at the time. So I'd borrow half my mom's clothes and half my dad's clothes. I thought it looked very good at the time. It was mostly costumey. 

Name five things every woman should have in their closet: 
1. Underwear 
2. A white dress 
3. A pair boots
4. A bathing suit
5. A scarf

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