Melt With You: Popsicles

Summer is here and the scorching Phoenix sun is melting everything from Hanna Montana chocolate coins to ruby red lipstick.

Equipped with a tripod, Flip camera, and several gallons of water, we set up temporary residence in New Times photographer Jamie Peachey's backyard, and watched stuff melt.

The result, a summer series called Melt With You. Cue Modern English, DJ.

Few things in life are as refreshing as an ice pop on a hot day. And whoever came up with the idea to put frozen water, food coloring, and artificial flavors on a stick deserves medal. However, popsicles tend to get a little messy, especially in the summertime. In fact, we learned just how messy popsicles can get in a matter of minutes.

For our Melt With You experiment, we placed four generic popsicles directly under the sun and let its powerful UV rays annihilate America's favorite summer treat. It only took 15 minutes before a river of food coloring and four wooden sticks became the only remnants of what once was. Check out the time-lapsed video above.

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