Mental Patience

Time-lapse photography is for the impatient. Sitting through sped-up phenomena like the transformation of caterpillar to butterfly or the life of a flower from bud to dead, shriveled, brown thing skips the importance (and potential appreciation) of each moment.

Patience was clearly a virtue of the five artists featured in the group exhibit “Exposing Time.” The photographs document changes in a particular object or place as seen over time by twentieth century photographers including Frank Gohlke and Robert Weingarten. "Photography is uniquely suited to documenting change that happens over such a long period of time it barely registers in the mind," says Rebecca Senf, the museum's Norton Family Curator of Photography. "Many photographers have exploited this photographic quality by returning to the same subject -- a person, an exact view, or a general place -- to capture change that has elapsed over months, years, or decades."

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Wynter Holden
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