Meredith Howell's Modern, Ramen-Less Dorm Room

College dorm decor used to include a new sheet set and some milk crates.

If ASU education junior, Meredith Howell is any indication, things have changed.

Howell has spent three years living in the Hassayampa Academic Village dorms on the Tempe campus; one as a resident and two as a CA (Community Assistant if you haven't been around college in awhile), and in that time, she has made an art out of dorm decor.

The "green" dorm room (it's LEED certified) has a modern feel with surprisingly high ceilings, carpet and concrete floors, and a huge picture window --- which Howell has transformed into a comfy and stylish sanctuary.

She relegated the standard-issue metal drawers and tables to the bathroom and closet and replaced them with charming pieces that add warmth to the place, giving it an artsy, haphazard-yet put-together vibe. Just like home.

Read more about Howell and check out a slideshow of her room after the jump.

A vegan and raw food hobbyist, Howell has created a cooking space equipped with a dehydrator, blender and mini-fridge where she creates raw food dishes like ice cream, tarts and tacos multiple times a week (We tried her raw cheesecake, which we have to admit, wasn't terrible. At all.)

Sounds better than making ramen in a hot pot.

A chair and small table were gathered from last year's Really, Really Free Market, a once-yearly sale where students give away unwanted furniture -- (obviously) for free. A comfy chair was donated from her parents. Ditto for the flat-screen TV.

Her newest acquisition: "gumption" (her favorite word) spelled vertically in letters she found at Jo-Ann Fabrics and spray painted.

She admits her room hasn't always been so stylish. Her aesthetic "has definitely evolved -- for sure."

Though she claims it can be difficult being surrounded by freshman all semester long, she finds being on campus gets her more involved in school activities and there's always another CA to call if she's feeling social.

It also helps to have a super cool room. For a full view, check out the slideshow of Howell's space.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.