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Mike Dana, What Are You Wearing?

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Mike Dana is a downtown Phoenix lawyer and musician -- and a self-described "huge supporter" of downtown performance venues and eating establishments. He was one of the producers and music composers for the film "Hi My Name is Ryan."

So, what are you wearing? I work a lot from home these days, so I typically dress for comfort and convenience. I'm currently wearing a navy blue and white-striped Banana Republic crew neck t-shirt, 5-year-old tan cargo shorts held at the fly by a Singer-designed safety pin, white American Eagle stretchy boxer-brief underwear with a giant grey eagle on the left thigh, and black OluKai flip flops.

But, not far from my desk is a pair of freshly polished Black Kenneth Cole dress shoes, a dark grey Calvin Klein suit, and an assortment of ties and dress shirts ready for emergency excursions into the professional world.

What's the last item of clothing you bought? Several pair of these American Eagle boxer briefs. I guess some of them are a bit shorter and technically called "low rise trunks" (I just Googled it, in the name of accuracy). They are quite comfortable.

(learn about Mike's preoccupation with Halloween costumes after the jump.)

Give us a childhood memory of you and clothes. When I was about 16 years old, I owned a black Sex Pistols T-shirt. But because of the word "Sex" on the front, I didn't want my mom to know I owned it. So I stored it in the back corner of a rarely-used drawer. On Saturday night, I would dig it out, refresh it with some spray deodorant, and put it on in my car as I was heading out to meet my friends. I then returned it back to its corner of the drawer early Sunday morning. I don't think I washed it all summer (nor did I have a girlfriend all summer).

What's one item every man should have in his closet? A few versatile, comfortable Halloween costume staples (e.g. super tall creeper shoes, tights, a bodysuit, etc.). Shopping for a costume each year is stressful. Being able to minimize the hustle and bustle of Halloween shopping permits more time to really relax and enjoy the holiday season.

Name one thing best bought vintage. How old does something have to be before it is considered "vintage"? I don't think I own any vintage clothing items. As a teenager, I shopped a lot at thrift stores. Maybe I had vintage stuff then. But if I were to seek out vintage clothing now, maybe a classy, comfortable pair of eye glasses?

Name one thing you should never buy vintage. Something uncomfortable, I suppose. Like, I doubt I would buy a tin man, scarecrow, or lion outfit (from the Wizard of Oz era) even though I assume those outfits are "vintage."

Any fashion advice for Phoenix? Not really. Always dress for comfort (see answers 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 above; ignore answer 3), and you'll do just fine.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.