Mike Maas Munny at Red Hot Robot

The Milk Munny vinyl toys featured in monOrchid's October First Friday show are on the move.

The toys, designed by local and international artists have been on display at Red Hot Robot, but will be collected the Milk Munny show coordinators on Friday and possibly put up for auction online, says RHR owner, Jason Kiningham.

Milk Munny purchases made at Red Hot Robot (and through their website) will be 50 percent off and all proceeds will go toward the Keep a Breast Foundation.

Read more about local artist Mike Maas' original (pictured right) and see other Munny toys on sale after the jump ...

The Milk Munny show was organized by the duo behind vinyl toy collective Acrylic Squid. Alyisse Tramel and Trevor Hill, called out to local, national and international artists (including Maas) to make individualized versions of the customizable toy by Kid Robot for an exhibition.

Other participating local artists included Dumperfoo, Kyle Jordre, Mosha 1 and Joshua Rhodes.

Maas' 8-inch Munny was originally priced at $125, but is on sale at RHR until Friday for $62.50. Pieces by Stuart Witter, Phillip Foss, Paul Burke and Vanessa Ramirez are still on sale. For complete listings and availability, check out the RHR website.

For more information about the show and updates on remaining toys, visit milkmunny.org.

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Claire Lawton
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