Miles to Go's Promises to Keep Volume Two Now Available for Pre-Order

With June more than half over and July just around the corner, it's high time you finalized your summer reading list. Fortunately for you, local clothing company Miles to Go, which silkscreens imagery from literary classics onto crew neck T-shirts and totes, has a few suggestions.

Make that almost 100.

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The words-meet-wardrobe company was founded by Scottsdale-based artist and Big Brain 2012 finalist Greg Kerr, who recently announced the release of Miles To Go's second volume of collected independently written works. Promises to Keep Volume Two is a 180-plus page anthology of poems and short stories by members of the Miles to Go community. Contributors to the book include nearly 100 aspiring international writers plus a few locals including Jaclyn Moskal, Tonissa Saul, and Kerr himself.

"Most of us who write rarely get to have something published," says Kerr. "So it's really my way of giving people an opportunity at something fun ... an opportunity to have their voice heard by other people."

Promises to Keep Volume Two is currently available for pre-order and expected to ship in mid- to late August. The books will be sold in a limited run that will depend on the number of orders made by Tuesday, July 1. Promises to Keep Volume Two can pre-purchased as a six-by-nine-inch hardcover book with a dust jacket, issue number, and stamp for $20, or a six-by-nine-inch softcover for $12.

For more information or to place your order, visit

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Katie Johnson
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