Missoni for Target: The Good, the Bad, and the Things We're Not Going to Fight You For

Margherita Missoni unveiled the 400-piece, Missoni for Target collection this morning, and evidently the marketing bonanza, catchy commercials, and totally droolworthy designs paid off. 

The entire Target website has been down for most of the day and shoppers report long lines and empty shelves in the big box chain. 

The line continues Italian Missoni family tradition with clean-cut designs, zig zags, and bright tones galore. The line's look book has been passed around a few design blogs throughout the day, as fans were unable to look at the new apparel and housewear products through the website.

Naturally, we took a look, found a few things we might fight the crowd for and a few we'd leave behind. 

Check out our picks after the jump.

1. Bluesy Combination: We're all about the long dresses and cardigans, but this is a little goodnight moon for our taste. 

2. Missoni-Striped Bike: Have fun remembering which one is yours when you park this baby outside your college dorm. 
3. Arm Warmers: We'll stick to long sleeves, thanks. 
4. Patio Furniture: would just weigh us down in the competition to get the five items actually on our wish list. 
5. Swim Suit: horizontal zig zags make even the skinniest models looks like they're wearing pudgy Charlie Brown sweaters. Plus, we're ready for some fall fashions.

Until then, have fun with the (ugly) website ... 


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Claire Lawton
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