Monster Mash-up

Next Lounge is hopping the fright game, so grab some Night Train, release your snake brain, and make for the dope lane around Professa Dank's fame. Well, it's clumsy, but since our rap lessons come from a one-legged pirate, who can you blame? No blundering zombies working the tables up here, only the finest in hip-hop, Top 40, and mash-ups, with the illustrious and prolific Dank presenting his second annual Professa Dank's House of Horrors Halloween Party. Add the release of DJ Pcraze's new, long-awaited MixTape -- ah, hellz yeah -- and it's all "chicks is freaks who know how to shake." Wait, don't order yet, there's more: performances by Identity Crisis, HellaMic, RIOT, and The Untouchables.
Wed., Oct. 24, 2007
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Leslie Barton
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