Morgan McNally's Hummingbird

Show us your ink! MARKED asks locals of all ages, professions and backgrounds to roll up their sleeves, pant legs, and so much more to reveal their marks. Here are their stories:

Name: Morgan McNally


My Shoulder Piece: I've been obsessed with (graphic artist) Fiona Hewitt's work ever since I was 15, and I saw the work she was doing for BlueQ. I've always felt a little bit like a hummingbird because I'm always on the move; I can't sit still or stay focused on one idea for too long.

Birds (especially hummingbirds) hold a lot of meaning to me, so getting this piece done was really important to me. There's a lot I want to do, but I'd always been so afraid. A couple weeks ago, I told myself "it's time to be fearless." So I was.

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It's taken me six years to actually get into a shop and get something done, so when I went into Golden Rule, Alex (the BEST artist EVER) was awesome and super fun to work with. The hummingbird was my only planned piece, but I ended up getting the word "create" on the inside of my wrist.

I also ended up getting a birdcage that Alex designed on the fly (har har, bird pun) on my arm. With every piece we finished, I wanted to keep going. I'm still a little disappointed that I only walked out with three.

If I could say one thing, though, I highly recommend Alex. I was having a pretty terrible day, but he was great and I left feeling fantastic and SO pleased with the work he'd done. He's incredibly talented and the community is lucky to have Golden Rule.

Seriously, go see Alex and all of the other insanely talented artists working there. You won't be sorry (unless you're a jerk who hates life and things that are awesome). Obviously, I have a serious tattoo crush on Golden Rule. I blame them, because now I can't get enough.

Next tattoo(s)?
My sister's getting married in January, so I'm getting a half-sleeve of cherry blossoms (I've had an obsession with cherry blossoms since I was 15) to cover a burn scar on my shoulder.

After that, I'm getting a small version of the logo for The Torch Theatre underneath my ear and the phrase "keep calm and carry on" on my back. I'm also getting a color blindness test, and a half sleeve done in traditional style with a paintbrush, easel, dress form, measuring tape and needle and thread.

I'd like to find a way to transform my art into something tattoable, so I'm hoping Alex can make that happen, too. I've always really wanted a pirate flag with Bob Ross' head and paintbrushes crossing. (Graphic designer) Nina Miller and I have a running joke about getting matching Carol Channing tramp stamps with the phrase "Raaaaaaaaaspberries!", but I have a sincere doubt we'll ever be ridiculous enough to do that. Thankfully.

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