Muscles of Love

Cars. Cars. Cars. What the hell’s going on with all of these friggin’ cars? It’s like somebody flipped a switch and thousands of garage doors opened simultaneously, their owners looking to hock their high-end roadsters while the hocking’s good. And while we peons in our battle-scarred Neons can’t hope to drive home any of the purring beauties preening on the Valley’s auction blocks, they sure are nice to look at. Beginning this week, we can see how the other half drives at World of Wheels, continuing through Sunday at University of Phoenix Stadium; at the 800-pound auto-auction gorilla named Barrett-Jackson, which officially opens Sunday at WestWorld of Scottsdale; at the Russo and Steele Collector Automobile Auction, opening Wednesday at Scottsdale Road and Loop 101; and at the Gooding & Company Scottsdale Classic Car Auction, opening next Thursday at 68th Street and Camelback Road. Coolest by far is the January in Arizona/Muscle Collector Car Auction, debuting Saturday at Gilbert’s Diamond Ranch. The show features rare Shelbys, customs, mods, rods, and more.
Sat., Jan. 12; Sun., Jan. 13, 2008
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Clay McNear
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