Those seeking Sanctuary in Scottsdale's nightlife are most certainly a saddened bunch these days, now that the 3-year-old nightclub is no more. But Diane Corieri, co-owner of the former glitter hot spot, promises that its reincarnation, Myst -- which recently staged its grand opening -- will dry those crocodile tears right up. "We wanted something new and exciting in that location," says Corieri. "A club always needs change." So out with the Greek pillars and hedonistic motif, and in with lime-green couches, flat screens, and a stable of VIP "skyboxes" overlooking the dance floor.

A change in decor, for sure, but what about the attitude? "You can't change the Scottsdale attitude," Corieri says, "nor would I want to."

Cover charge varies, and the dress code is, of course, enforced. Myst is located at 7340 East Shoeman. Call 480-970-5000 for more information. -- Joe Watson

Hose Party
Fight fire with fun

Wed 3/17
Got to fight for your right to party? Uh-uh -- you've got to party for their right to fight. The green raised this Wednesday, March 17, at Maloney's on Campus, 955 East University in Tempe, benefits the United Phoenix Firefighters Association. The tent party rolls from noon to 1 a.m. -- and the overly charitable get a free lift home. -- Jill Koch

ASU sculpture students withstand pressure

Classic artworks take shape once more, with "Steeling." Limited to a single medium -- welded steel rod -- ASU sculpture students were challenged to re-create famous works of art. Tempe's reZurrection Gallery reveals the results when "Steeling the Old Masters" opens Saturday, March 13. Dial 480-377-9080 for details. -- Jill Koch

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