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NASA Now Paying People to Lie in Bed All Day

Dear tired individuals who can sleep during turbulence, through a thunderstorm, and/or well past your alarm clocks, NASA would like to talk to you.

Unlike most employers who frown upon your late-for-work and on-the-job snooze regime, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is shelling out cash to civilians who carry a specific skill set -- namely, binge sleeping.

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This obscure job opportunity is all part of NASA's ongoing Bed Rest Study, which allows scientists to learn more about how astronauts' bodies are affected in space flight.

In the study, volunteers must lie down in a bed with their feet slightly elevated above their head for a continuous 70 days. During that time, the subject will be asked to conduct bed-based exercises using NASA's specially designed equipment intended to maintain "maintain muscle size and strength, bone health, and cardiovascular function."

Following their 10 weeks of bed rest, subjects will participate in reconditioning activities as well as further tests to evaluate their physical condition. In total, NASA's exercise study will require a 97- or 105-day time commitment and will reimburse its volunteers a salary of $160 to $200 per day, according to various reports.

To find out more about the Bed Rest Study or to fill out an application, visit NASA online.

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