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Nathan Blackwell's Voyage Trekkers Returns for a Second Online Season

Nathan Blackwell can remember being a kid and shooting one of his first films about aliens and rayguns. Decades later, after starting a production company, Squishy Studios, and buying a few more cameras, he's back in space.

This week, Blackwell's kicking off production of the second season of Voyage Trekkers, a web series shot in and around Phoenix that follows an intergalactic crime fighting team -- that also is the worst space crew ever.

Season one, Blackwell says, introduced audiences to voyages that "don't make the Captain's log" as the crew "blundered diplomatic missions, rescues, and space battles." And the second season will be just as disastrous.

"Villains will return, we'll be introduced to more crew members of Starship Remarkable, and we'll meet the admiral that has to put up with their mistakes," says Blackwell. "We'll also be introduced to Sunstrike's main rival and see how the rest of the Galactic Union views our crew."

Voyage Trekkers was born out of Blackwell's desire to make something fun. And with the help of a volunteer cast and crew, homemade spacemen outfits, and an Arizona backdrop (with a few green screens), he's continued to capture a local audience and screen episodes and "choose your own ending" events in local theaters.

Blackwell says you can stay tuned to the Voyage Trekkers website to follow production from the beginning to the release of the second season.

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