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Native Seeds/SEARCH Offers Grain School in Tucson

Native Seeds/SEARCH (NS/S), the Tucson-based seed bank, have been busy planning a curriculum and gathering guest speakers for the state's first Grain School

The six-day program scheduled for January 8 through 13, includes activities surrounding the history, philosophy, and science of local heritage grains and features lectures from ancient grain experts on practical applications of growing, harvesting, and milling.

On the schedule are visits from Jeff Zimmerman, owner Tempe's Hayden Flour Mills, Glenn Roberts, founder of Anson Mills in South Carolina, and NS/S co-founder and author Gary Nabhan

The program is a sister of NS/S' Seed School, one of many educational opportunities in sustainable agriculture that the non-profit has offered for more than 28 years. 

Registration is currently open and classes will take place at the NS/S Conservation Center in Tucson. Tuition is $700. For details and sign-ups, visit the Native/Seeds Search website or contact Deputy Director Belle Starr. 

Starr says students can stay in any of the hotels listed on the NS/S website and that a number of Seed School alumni are offering rooms. Those interested can call her for more information at 520.622.0830 ext. 104. 

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Claire Lawton
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