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New Hunger Games Trailer: Jennifer Lawrence to Kick Some Post-Apocalyptic Ass

Lionsgate released the latest trailer for Hunger Games, based on the popular trilogy by Suzanne Cullins. 

With about five sentences, three explosions, and a one minute peek into the anticipated film, the trailer may temporarily soothe the anxiety and crazed twitches of YA literature fans after the end (?!) of Harry Potter and almost never-ending Twilight. 

The trilogy's main character, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), is certainly less geeky and a little tanner than our favorites from the cinematic wizard and vampire worlds. Plus, she has to fight for her life. Without magic or a buff werewolf. On national television. 

Check out the trailer after the jump ... 

We got a first glimpse of Cullins' and Director Gary Ross' post-apocalyptic and game show-inspired world at the MTV VMAs on Sunday, but Lionsgate is ramping up its marketing campaign, and converting connecting its fans to one another through Facebook pages, Twitter scavenger hunts, and a virtual environment with District-formed teams from the Hunger Games storyline and District Identification Passes for followers.

Hunger Games is set to release March 23, 2012.

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