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New Sarah Palin Doc Looks Like a Campaign Ad, Five Political Docs We'd Rather Watch

The Tea Party's sexiest grandma hasn't made an announcement as to whether she'll join the quest for the presidency, but a new documentary about the "daughter, mother, wife and warrior" that is Sarah Palin totally paints her as the ideal candidate.

At least that's what we've gathered from the campaign ad trailer.

After watching the almost-two-minute trailer, we know The Undefeated is not a documentary about a former governor who quit her job mid-term after unsuccessfully running for vice president, and later starred in a failed TLC reality show with her boring Alaskan family. It's about an entirely different Sarah Palin.

Lucky for Phoenix, the feature-length presidential pitch is literally coming to a theater near us. The Undefeated opens in select cities next week, and we're fortunate enough to have been selected. Thanks, Bristol Palin.

Check out The Undefeated trailer after the jump, and a list of five political documentaries Palin should watch before entering the 2012 race.

The Undefeated Teaser Trailer from Dain Valverde on Vimeo.

As far as we're concerned, The Undefeated is a clever cover-up for a Palin presidential exploratory committee. How well the film does at the box office may determine Palin's 2012 candidacy.

Given the fact Palin doesn't read much, she might consider watching the following films to learn a little bit about foreign policy, how to run a successful campaign, and other insightful tidbits that may increase her chances of becoming President Palin.

5) The War Room

The War Room (1993)by ItsBartman

Sarah Palin and her potential campaign team can learn a lot from George Stephanopoulos and James Carville. Those dudes are much better architects than that Karl Rove character.

4) The Times of Harvey Milk

Milk does a body good.

3) No End in Sight

The cost of war is astronomical, and our troops are incredibly undersupplied. Yet Sarah Palin thinks we're doing the right thing, and carrying out God's work. Well, God's getting old, his work isn't what it used to be.

2) The Fog of War

Since Palin doesn't read much, or know her history all that well, an explanation of the Vietnam was is probably in order.

1) Reagan

The GOP icon wasn't as conservative as you thought. Loosen up, SP.

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