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New Scottsdale-based Reality Show Seeking Scenesters and "Social Elite" to Star Alongside The Dirty's Nik Richie

If there's one thing that Scottsdale has in overabundance, it's attention-seeking scenesters, socialites, and queen-bee-types. Everyone in Old Town seems to want their 15 minutes of notoriety, or at least to be noticed. 

It's one of the reasons behind the popularity of infamous gossip site The Dirty (run by the equally infamous Nik Lamas-Richie), as Old Town types love the whole "see and be seen" game, even if it's a scandalous picture of themselves.

Scottsdale's penchant for attention-seeking is probably why Hollywood casting agents and producers often come to Old Town to troll for talent for their latest reality projects. Doron Ofir Casting (who have helped find faces for Millionaire Matchmaker and Jersey Shore) is currently looking for members of the city's "social elite" to star in its new Scottsdale-centric "docu-series" Hot Desert Nights.

In addition to exploring the scandalous side of Scottsdale; the show will focus on the vapid misadventures of the Nikster and his wife (and onetime star of The Bachelor) Shayne Lamas-Richie

The lives of the two (who may or may not be in love with each other, depending on who you ask) will be the focus of Hot Desert Nights, as well as the "elite" members of Scottsdale's "explosive" social scene. 

According to the press release announcing the casting of Hot Desert Nights, Scottsdale has a certain "social hierarchy" in which "only the elite can mingle with the influential trendsetters and the young, rich, and beautiful beings living the lavish life." Both Doron Ofir and the Lamas-Richies will be looking for those who "reign supreme within this fierce habitat and think the Scottsdale social scene revolves around you."

We're pretty sure Doron Ofir will have plenty of peeps to choose from. 

Those beautiful types who are at least 21 years of age (but "appear under 30"), and who want to be followed around by a camera crew 24/7, can apply by sending their name, contact info, photo, and short biography to [email protected]

Nik and Shayne Lamas-Richie will also reportedly be involved in the casting process, which will involve interviews with selected candidates sometime in the near future.  

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