New Stripper-Themed Reality Show Holding Casting Call in Phoenix Next Week

Attention strippers, exotic dancers, and adult entertainers of the Valley: A few television producers are eager to speak with you.

The folks behind a new reality show titled Strip Search will hold a casting call for the program this coming Tuesday at local rave venue Stratus and are on the lookout for exotic dancers from all over Arizona.

While there will be a couple stripper poles at the audition, and potential cast members might be asked to show off some tricks, they won't be asked to show off some skin.

"There's no nudity in the show, it's not going to be the centerpoint," producer David Van Wie says. "We're going to tell them right off the bat, 'Don't bother taking off your tops and throw them around.' That's not what we're looking for."

In fact, despite its focus on ecdysiasts and exotic entertainers, Van Wie explains that the show won't be about titillation and aims to "show a whole different side of strippers."

"Everything is under wraps right now but I can tell you this, Strip Search is a reality show that's going to change your perception of what a stripper is...what they're possible of, what they can do, basically who they are," he says. "It's going to focus on individual cast members, and learn more about them and what their ambitions are."

Van Wie adds that those who audition on Tuesday will be also asked about how they got to where they are and what they could bring to a reality show.

In other words: Can they make for good reality TV?

They will also have to be light on their feet and athletically inclined, as - much like many current reality shows - Strip Search will feature individual challenges for prizes, although Van Wie declined to state exactly what said competitions will involve. The show will also be a competition similar to other reality shows, and while Van Wie is tight-lipped about what the ultimate winner will receive, he states it will be a "nice prize."

Currently, Van Wie states the show isn't attached to any network and they're hoping to film the pilot episode by the end of the summer. A few Hollywood types are attached to the project, including Kristen Moss (who helped cast such shows as MasterChef and Bad Girls Club.

If Strip Search is picked up by a network, Van Wie says local strippers who are cast will live at a posh CenPho residence for six weeks while the show is being filmed.

The Strip Search casting call takes place at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, June 26, at Stratus.

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