New Times' Story on Snorting Bath Salts Retreaded by Multiple Media Outlets

Phoenix New Times was among the first news outlets to report on people snorting "bath salts" sold in head shops to get high.

Judging by the ensuing coverage from other media outlets, our January 13 bath salts story got some peoples' attention.

On January 19, FOX News retreaded our story, and it was picked up January 22 by The Arizona Republic. Yesterday, the Associated Press shed some more light on the issue. Even  published a piece on the potential perils of snorting bath salts.

It remains to be seen if Arizona state legislators will take steps to ban bath salts, as they are starting to do with spice. But one thing's certain: we haven't heard the last about bath salts yet.

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Niki D'Andrea has covered subjects including drug culture, women's basketball, pirate radio stations, Scottsdale staycations, and fine wine. She has worked at both New Times and Phoenix Magazine, and is now a freelancer.
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