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New Work by Peter Sarkisian, New Catalogue, Judd Greenstein and More at SMoCA's Summer Opening

This Friday, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art will be a cool place to see and be seen.

The museum will host its annual Summer Opening Celebration, marking the beginning of the season and offering local art lovers a chance to check out the museum's newest exhibitions, as well as musical performances and behind-the-scenes tours with museum curators.

On the walls, floors, and pedestals of SMoCA this summer are the latest video works from Santa Fe-based multimedia artist Peter Sarkisian, collaborative work by composer Judd Greenstein and design group New Catalogue, sculpture from the museum's permanent collection, and a new showcase of work by young local artists in the museum's [email protected] gallery.

In "Video Works, 1996-2008," Sarkisian combines 3D screens and projections on objects to explore the perceptions of the audience and the possibilities of video, sculpture, and film. Curators describe the exhibition as a small-scale retrospective, which will be on view through September 9.

Included in the museum's "Significant Forms" exhibition are pieces from Honda Syoryu (pictured right), Ken Price, Henry Moore, Larry Bell, and Gary Slater, and local artists Melinda Bergman and Mayme Kratz (to name a few) that will also be on view through September 9.

And if you make it to the opening, be sure to check out what SMoCA curators describe as "experiments in visual art, traditional chamber instrumentation, composition, technology and design" from New Catalogue's Luke Batten and Jonathan Sadler, as well as composer Judd Greenstein, and artists Neil Donnelly and Mary Voorhees Meehan.

The interactive installation is both an auditory and visual exhibition that includes Greensetin's premiere performance on Saturday, June 9 in the Virginia Piper Theater with violinist Nadia Sirota and the Phoenix Chorale. The exhibition and event is the the first time SMoCA curators have worked with contemporary musicians in an exhibition and will culminate in a gold vinyl LP exhibition catalogue that SMoCA's Claire Carter will create with the artists and release in late July.

The museum opening, which kicks off at 7 p.m., is free, and will also include tours of the exhibitions with curators and performances by Dulce Dance in the Lounge.

Tickets for the June 9 performance are $19 and can be purchased from the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts website.

See behind the scenes of the installation with SMoCA's Tania Katan below. For more info, call 480.874.4666 or visit the SMoCA website.

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