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New Yorker Says She's Moving to Arizona Because, in Arizona, She's Pregnant

You know you live in a great state when the temperature hits 100, New Yorkers are making plans to move in, and every woman is potentially pregnant.


According to the Women's Health and Safety Act, signed in April by Governor Jan Brewer, gestational age is "calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period of the pregnant woman." In essence, the beginning of a pregnancy could potentially occur up to two weeks before conception.

And Taylor Ferrara, a New York City-based songwriter and Arizona hopeful, couldn't be more excited. 

In her explanation/song, Ferrara explains how excited she is to move to Arizona because, in Arizona, she's pregnant. 

This, of course, means she gets to eat whatever she wants, people will treat her like every other pregnant woman -- by opening doors and smiling, of course -- and if/when she's tired of being "pregnant," she says she'll just get an abortion. 

And by abortion, she says, she means she'll just move back to New York.

Once in effect (90 days since it was signed on April 12), the law will prohibit abortion after about 18 weeks "except in cases when the life or health of the mother is at risk," and will require a woman to have an ultrasound before she gets an abortion.

Add it Brewer's long list of signatures that have landed Arizona a spot in the bright, taunting national spotlight. On the way to her desk is HB 2625, which exempts employers from providing contraception in their healthcare coverage, and legislation that would defund Planned Parenthood by barring any non-abortion related public funding to the women's health clinic.

Oh, boy (or girl).

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