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In addition to selling online via Etsy and at Frances, Michieli's works are sold at West Elm. She recently teamed up with Studio DIY and Ban.do for a printable series of cards.

And soon she'll further expand her mix of prints, greeting cards, and gift tags.

"I'm currently working on drawing some Christmas and New Years cards, and thinking of some baby art prints since we'll be welcoming our baby into our home this coming March!" Michieli says.

I've lived in the Phoenix area my whole life. I was born in Mesa, currently reside in Gilbert, and went to ASU for fine art photography.

I started drawing when I was little because I always saw my mom and grandma draw and paint and I wanted to be just like them. I continued to draw and knew that it was a passion I couldn't give up, I had to figure out how to make it into a career. After graduating from ASU, I came across this thing called "Etsy" and was inspired by all of the "Quit your Day Job" series and after months of research and planning, I opened up our paper goods shop Floating Specks and I've never looked back. I love drawing and creating them into greeting cards, gift tags, and art prints. There's nothing better than receiving a hand-drawn card in the mail!

I'm most productive when I have some music going in a sun-filled room, and sipping on something caffeinated.

My inspiration wall is full of bright colors, patterns and illustrations.

I've learned most from my husband. Without his belief in me and his desire to see me succeed, I wouldn't have had the courage to put my self and my work out there.

Good work should always reflect your passion.

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