Nightmares Fear Factory's Spook Album

We're always game for a good scare -- especially when we're not the ones being spooked. It's why we can't stop looking at the official spook album of the Nightmares Fear Factory, the longest running and arguably the scariest haunted house in North America. 

The haunted house in Ontario keeps a steady stream of thrill seekers happy (and scared out of their minds) during the Halloween season, and documents even the bravest of visitors shriek and scream in its picture collection. 

It's also keeping us pretty entertained as we anxiously await the haunted house season in Phoenix.

While Phoenix doesn't have a historic haunted house or a photo stream of the terrified (yet), stay tuned for our series of haunted house reviews that'll kick off next week and enjoy a seriously funny collection of spooked reactions right here

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Claire Lawton
Contact: Claire Lawton