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Nine Favorite 30 Rock Moments (VIDEO)

Without working ourselves into too much of a premature lather let's note: 30 Rock is a few episodes away from its season six finale, which airs May 17, and NBC has yet to renew the Thursday night standby for another season.

And it sure seems possible that the premise of this week's live episode (in which the network decides to stop funding the show-within-the-show TGS as a live program) is creator Tina Fey's way of dropping yet another hint that we're rapidly nearing the end.

Combine that with Alec Baldwin's near constant talk that the show's end is nigh, Fey recently dishing on The View that "the end of the show is on the horizon," and superfans are thisclose to a Jenna Maroney-style meltdown.

If they're to linger without word of renewal for much longer, it's only natural to consider the possibility that soon Liz Lemon, Jack Donaghy, and their gaggle of weirdo coworkers and love interests won't be around anymore. (Syndication and Netflix Instant Watch will not compensate.)

But the good times in studio 6H have been plenty and it seems like a good time to look back. Here are nine favorite 30 Rock moments in no particular order:

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