Nine Must-See Events at Phoenix Comicon 2012

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7. The Exclusives As we reported earlier this week, the folks at Steam Crow will be selling scintillating limited-edition prints of an evil-looking jackalope during Comicon. They're not the only ones planning to offer up exclusive goodies. Numerous artists, publishers, and vendors sell or give away a variety of special posters, prints, toys, comics with variant covers and other schwag (each made in limited amounts, hence the appeal to collectors and geekazoids). Some are downright titillating and scandalous, like Zenescope Entertainment's series of alternate covers for The Walking, which featured scantily-clad strippers and zombies. Since there's more dudes into comics than dames, expect such items to get snatched up quickly. Comicon organizers also dole out choice exclusives to those who purchase "full event memberships" for all four days, although they haven't revealed what they're handing out as of this writing.

6. The Bleeding Cool Fan Awards Quick pop quiz geeks: Who's the best comic book writer thus far in 2012? And which costumed nemeses engaged in the coolest fight in the pages of your favorite title? Such questions are typical of the sort of online comic book-related banter that takes place every day. Thanks to the Bleeding Cool Fan Awards however, you can do more than endlessly debate said topics by casting a vote to determine who or what in the comic book world deserves to be honored.

Categories ranging from the usual ("Best Publisher," "Best Relaunched Title") to the unusual ("The Pro Who Should Really Stay Off the Internet") can be voted on via the Bleeding Cool website up until Thursday. The results will then be announced during the ceremony at the Comicon on Friday, May 25.

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