Nine Things You Can Stop Posting on Instagram. Right Now.

As followers of the social media flowchart, we've embraced photo-sharing iPhone and Android app, Instagram.

Yes, we've shared photos our weekend reading lists, our street art sightings, our field trips to letterpress studios, and our dog in Easter bunny ears.

But it's time to come clean about a few things -- specifically nine -- that our Instagram feeds would be better without.

9. Your Facebook Feed
Since Facebook announced it will be purchasing Instagram for pocket change ($1 billion), it has also fought rumors that the two will somehow be joined in holy time-wasting matrimony.

But what's perhaps worse and far stranger than hooking up your instagram to feed through your Facebook is to take screenshots of your Facebook and feed them through your instagram (on then through your Facebook page). Let the inception games begin...

8. Your Pug
We all know pugs are awesome. They do that thing with their heads, they have their own ugg boots, they do rap group spin offs, and no matter how truly horrifying they look in person, they always look cute through the Instagram lens.

It's charming, truly. But when your dog's breed has its ownInstagram account and is successfully taking over every popular list and hashtag search, it's time to take a break.

7. Your Latte
Congrats! You're awake and have a latte. Let me guess -- it has a heart or a tree or a leaf or a zig zag, or swirl in the foam. Here's an idea: tip your barista, drink your coffee, and get on with it.

6. Your Text Messages 

No one really cares about the conversations you and your BFFs have over iMessage. We promise we've all heard about #textfail and #autocorrect ... #srsly. #omfg

5. Pictures You Didn't Take
Instagram is a place for sharing pictures and letting your friends/followers/stalkers know what you're doing at that very instant -- in a visual medium. Note: Your friends want to know what you're doing. No point in ripping someone else's photo, or taking a picture of your computer screen of the latest Ryan Gosling meme. It's cheating.

4. Spam

No, I don't want your coupon. I don't want to see your price tag. I don't want yet another one of my social media feeds to get clogged with ads (yet). So keep your spammy pictures and comments to yourself. Thanks.

3. Your sick self
You're sick! Go to bed!

2. Your Nails
We know, you just figured out how to buy toothpicks, mix colors, and tape off parts of your nails and create stripes, social media logos, and ombre textures (oh snap!). Yep, you're hot shit. And you have way too much time on your hands to be fumbling around with your camera phone attempting to capture the right frame. Go outside.

1. Bacon
Yeah, we get it.

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Claire Lawton
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