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No Festival Required "2011 Selected Shorts" Screen this Sunday

No Festival Required, a local group dedicated to sharing independent cinema, is holding a screening of its 2011 Selected Shorts this Sunday at the Phoenix Art Museum.

The screening will feature award-winning short films by Arizona moviemakers, including Tucson's Yuri Makino, as well as international directors, such as Bartek Kulas of Poland.

The show is free and begins at 1 p.m., with doors opening at 12:30 p.m. It will be held in Whiteman Hall, of the Phoenix Art Museum.

Lineup and trailers of the selected shorts after the jump

"I've realized this show's theme seems to deal with "self," that is self-image or whom each filmmaker or film subject chooses to project," says show curator and local selected short director Steve Weiss

The Lineup:

"Reformers" - Bob Miller (New York)

Interviews with professional ballet dancers are mixed with still and video imagery of practice, backstage and performance.

"Louis Lee" - Steve Weiss (Phoenix)

Mr. Louis Lee worked for 47 years creating a wonderful garden space of rocks, knick knacks, and native plants for his home in Phoenix. This video is dedicated to his inspiring talent and as a memorial.

"So Who am I Anyway?" - Lisa Wegner (Toronto, Canada)

Following a post-traumatic stress episode, Lisa used video to explore the various character roles she has "performed" in real life, in an effort to understand her "self".

"111° Longitude" - Yuri Makino/Cindy Stillwell (Tucson/Bozeman, Montana)

In 2003 Yuri and Cindy began shooting 111° Longitude, a poetic documentary, exploring their lives living in Tucson, Arizona and Bozeman, Montana, towns resting along the same meridian. 111° Longitude aims to deepen its viewer's contemplation of place by creating a dialog about the familiar, diurnal details of living and the specificities of the places they live, which are unique and remarkable.

"The Grandmas' Village" - Dragana Zarevska (Macedonia)

A short documentary about the village Babino in Macedonia, whose name literally translated in English means "The Grandmas' Village".

"Millhaven" - Bartek Kulas (Poland)

Animated short based on lyrics to a song by Nick Cave.

"Alfred (Or the Story of Wonderfish)" - Mathieu Rigot (France)

Comedy short about a series of unusual occurrences and happenstances.

For more information on the event, visit No Festival Required's website.

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