No Limits for The Limit Club

It has to be said: the AZ music scene suffers from a severe lack of spookiness. Perhaps it’s the overabundance of sunshine or scarcity of graveyards, but in the greater Phoenix metro area, it’s hard to get rocked in that “this music could very well be sucking the blood from your major arteries” sort of way. Thankfully, The Limit Club is more than willing to carry the Phoenix gothabilly torch through zombie-infested catacombs and into your wildest dreams -- er, nightmares. Guitarist/vocalist Nick Feratu and upright bassist Cadaverous Joel have been crafting eerily danceable tunes since 2005, citing a broad spectrum of influences from The Damned to Ricky Nelson to Nick Cave. Since their first full-length album, God Damn The Limit Club (2007), Feratu and Joel have recruited a new, too-rock-n-roll-to-sit-down drummer, Juan Carlos, enabling the boys to tour relentlessly. Thus far, The Limit Club has spent 2008 storming the local scene with explosive live performances. Having completed recording for its second full-length studio album, this terrifying trio is taking it to the limit…and beyond. Show Creeps, EDVIS, Metal Elvis, Rhythm Dragons, and Creepsville 666 are also scheduled to perform.
Sat., April 5, 2008
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Adriane Goetz