No Place Like Home

Plenty of people take off for exotic destinations during the holidays rather than heading to their hometown. Hawaii over creepy Uncle Greg? Yes, please. Tahiti instead of sitting around, eating, and getting fat in your grandmother’s freezing Cleveland apartment? Uh, yeah. Choosing to avoid the annual awkward family reunion filled with politically fueled resentment, airing of old grievances, and pesky ol’ alcoholism is just normal human behavior. That must mean that comedian Tamale Sepp is some kind of weirdo.

She’s running toward that familial funk, coming home to Arizona to perform a one-woman show for her relatives, friends, and fans of her cult performances. They must be a pretty accepting bunch, because the Second City-trained performance artist incorporates comedy, fire, videos, and drag into her 60-minute show, exploring her internal struggles with witty thoughts that stray far from conventional. The world traveler knows how to cause a ruckus, which is ever so helpful this time of year.

Sat., Dec. 29, 9 p.m., 2012
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Christina Caldwell