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Oasis on Grand: Take a Tour of Finished Units this Saturday

​We've already talked about the cool opportunities you'll have to see cool new artwork at this weekend's Grand Avenue Festival, but it looks like there will also be a chance to find a cool new place to live. 

The artist-friendly apartment complex Oasis on Grand, which is nearing completion and is scheduled to debut next month, will be open for visitors and potential residents on Saturday during the festival.

Habitat Metro's Timothy Sprague, one of the developers on the project, says that work is nearing completion on the Oasis and both its lobby and a few finished units will be available for public viewing. 

"You will definitely have an opportunity to get a flavor of what the Oasis is about," he says. "We are getting close to being done."

Construction on the Oasis took place over the summer, completely transforming a vacant and ramshackle former flophouse into an arty-looking establishment. Colored railings have been installed on all the patios, vaulted ceilings, ceiling fans, and chic-looking lighting has been installed.

There's still "a fair amount" of work to be done behind the scenes, Sprague says, including getting the certificate of occupancy nailed down with the city of Phoenix and making sure the power is turned on.

"As is what always seems to be the case with a construction project, it seems like the utilities company involved the last thing to put in place, the APS turn-on is still pending."

Hopefully there will be plenty of juice on Saturday, unless the local bands who Sprague says will be appearing at the Oasis want to do unplugged gigs. 

Oasis on Grand, 1501 Grand Avenue, will be open at 3 p.m. on Saturday. Management will be on hand to conduct tours and discuss rental options.

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