Offensive Maneuvers

While it’s hard to get any more punk rock than singing about body fluids, bestiality, and killing parents, Dayglo Abortions is one of the few groups that has actually been prosecuted for its lewdness.

The infamous Canadian band, which has been an equal opportunity offender for more than three decades, was hauled into court in 1988 after a British Columbian cop became disgusted with his daughter’s copy of Here Today, Guano Tomorrow. The Dayglos eventually beat the rap, and continued making offensive album covers featuring mutilated hamsters, canine coitus, and the Reagans smiling away while dining on a baked fetus dinner. Delicious.

These days, the band is more outrageous than ever. Its most recent album, Holy Shiite, puts American foreign policy, college drunkards, and kooky Scientologists on blast, capping things off with the anthem, “Fuck the World (If It Can’t Take A Joke).” Expect to be offended when Dayglo Abortions visits the Clubhouse Music Venue on Wednesday, June 22, for an all-ages show.

Wed., June 22, 7 p.m., 2011

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