Office Supplies, Restyled

The New Year always begs for an organization make-over, and taking baby steps can make this an easier process. How about starting with the office supplies drawer? Get the paperclips and rubber bands out of hiding and make them an accessory to your workspace.

Gather ideas for re-styling your office supplies after the jump.

- Vintage TV or Bed Tray
- Misc. ceramic cups and bowls
- Office Supplies

1. Pull our all of your offices supplies from all the nooks and crannies they are shoved into

2. Pull from your cupboards or a thrift store, miscellaneous ceramic cups and bowls

3. Fill all of the ceramic cups and bowls with paperclips, rubber bands, binder clips and so on.
4. Place cups and bowls on top of the TV or Bed tray

5. Display in your work space for easily accessible supplies while looking stylish!

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