Olive In Paris Brings French Fashion to Melrose Shopping District

If the current political climate in Phoenix makes you want to run away and reinvent yourself, you might have a pang of jealousy when you hear what Olive Annie did! And all without leaving town. Shop Girls Lani Griffin and Laurie Levy found her at Olive in Paris, upstairs above Paris Envy on 7th Avenue in the Melrose shopping district.

Olive's previous home, Olive Annie, closed a while back and things haven't been the same since. (In case you haven't caught on, Olive is Lani and Laurie's muse - the little girl who likes to cause trouble and really runs the shop.) It was the unraveling of Griffin's marriage, not the crappy economy that forced the beloved boutique to close, but she's back at it again thanks to a loyal following and the offer of a new home.

The personal shopping experience (most of Griffin's customers become friends) and attention to detail is still there, the chalk board has morphed into a favorite frock wall and we're just glad we don't have to go out of town to find unique clothes and jewelry anymore.

Olive Annie has reinvented herself as a Parisian! What's up with that?

Olive Annie took her gypsy self on the road and landed in Paris. She loved the chic, bohemian clothes, came back with a beret in her suitcase and we're recreating it here at Olive in Paris. I like to think of it as a place to find play clothes for city girls.

How will Olive in Paris be different from Olive Annie?

We're keeping lots of the staples that our customers loved, like the Boy Meets Girl line, but we've added some Parisian lines that are good quality and reasonably priced, vintage hand-dyed slips and colorful accessories. We have lots of limited edition clothes and jewelry - it keeps our look unique and our customers won't see themselves coming and going all over town.

You supported many local artists before - will you be doing that here?

Of course! A lot of our jewelry is made here, we have local artwork, and the custom bags are made in Seattle.

What is one thing in the shop that you can't live without?

That would have to be the Kara-Line from Tumbleweed in Portland. Her dresses are feminine and urban, and exclusive to Olive in Paris in Phoenix. I squeal with delight when I open her boxes!

Olive in Paris will have her grand opening this Saturday, May 1, from 10:30 to 5:00 at 4624 N. 7th Avenue.

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