Open Mic Night at Monkey Pants Bar & Grill

Looking for something to do this week? "Night Owl" is a quick guide to special nights at bars and clubs around town. We'll give you a few hints re: cover, dress code, music and atmosphere. Every Thursday marks Open Mic Night at Monkey Pants Bar & Grill.

Open Mic Night at Monkey Pants gives aspiring comedians a chance to try out their material every Thursday. In addition to providing laughs, this two month old event also offers a nice variety of drink specials.

Check out a slideshow of the latest installment here and a full rundown after the jump...

The Style: There was a good balance of various scenes present. The style was a mix of hipster casual and a more mainstream sensibility. 

What we loved: Overall, it is a fun and laid back environment. Host Jerry Friestad does a good job keeping things moving by making jokes and riffing on the audience in between comics. So beware, you may become part of the show even if you don't perform. 

What we didn't love: Other than the name of this establishment, the only thing that was particularly unloveable was the lack of any truly hilarious jokes.

Would we go back: You bet, in fact we might even slap together a couple of jokes for next time. 

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Ryan Wolf