Open Secretos

As much as we try to be good, we can’t help but spread gossip and ruin character. It’s human nature; we get off on knowing each other’s secrets. And no matter how hard we try to conceal our own stumbles off the moral high ground, the collective social thirst for dirt will inevitably be satiated in the end by a grapevine of gossip. Soon enough, everyone knows that you made out with your married boss the day before your wedding. You may as well have it printed on a T-shirt, because a secret like that is just too sexy for people to ignore. Now you can pay homage to this shameful yet thrilling practice at Noche de Secretos. The weekly event features DJs spinning Latin pop, salsa, and merengue. And just like any secret, everyone’s already talking about it.
Wednesdays, 2007
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Lilia Menconi
Contact: Lilia Menconi