Open Source Project: Tempe's Latest Creative, Collaborative Space

When Ryan Gentry and Michael Witham first met at one of Gentry's art shows in Tempe last year, the two had a lot to talk about.

Gentry's a Tempe-based artist and Witham just graduated with a management degree from ASU. The two were born and raised in Phoenix -- a city with an arts community that they say could use some extra support and a space in which to collaborate.

Next Friday, they'll launch and open Open Source Project, at 1415 E University Dr. #103A in Tempe, which they hope will build a bigger local artist network and what Gentry calls a "flash bang of new culture"

The Open Source Project (OSP) will be host to an artist collective -- chosen through invitation and application -- and will also be a public venue for art and performance.

Gentry says the space will have a coffee bar (with brews from Cortez Coffee Company), as well as working space for the collective and space for the community to hang out and collaborate on creative ventures. Members of the collective will also have the opportunity to hang their work on the walls as well as sell it through OSP's website.

The space will open on Friday, April 29 at 8 p.m. with featured artwork by Colton Brock, J.J. Horner, Lalo Cota, Ryan Gentry, Allison Patera, Mr. 23, and Ivan Galindo. For more information, check out the Open Source Project website and opening invitation.

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