Oracle Junction

Sat 9/4
Despite their supernatural gifts, the prognosticators and fortunetellers gathering at the Psychic Fair on Saturday, September 4, at Two Hawks Leather & Gifts, 8273 West Washington in Peoria, won't disclose the winning PowerBall numbers or -- more important -- when the Grim Reaper will visit. "If I ever foresaw anything which indicated illness or death, I'd never tell people flat out," says Bronwynn Torgerson, a self-described "pagan witch" and event organizer. "I would instead caution them on what areas of their life needed more attention." For a measly five-spot, Torgerson and three other oracles will offer a 15-minute trip back to the future, using a catalogue of divination methods, from tasseography (tea leaf reading) to psychometry (soothsaying from touching personal objects).

This low-cost look into the ethereal plane, which serves as a fund raiser for the annual Pagan Pride Day in October, might help shore up the shoddy standing of psychics. Even before the feds busted Miss Cleo, some among the unguided questioned whether clairvoyants' true intentions are prophesying or profiteering. "I would tend to avoid, at psychic fairs, people who are so vastly overpriced that you wonder if you're willing to pay that much money for a reading," Torgerson says.

Signs point to the Fair from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call 623-878-3366 or see -- Benjamin Leatherman

Sandbar blows into Scottsdale

Club owners exand empire

Les and Diane Corieri have put the all-nighter tag to shame. The king and queen of Scottsdale nightlife -- owners of Axis/Radius, Myst, and Suede -- have added yet another hot spot, a little mild and a lot spicy, to their empire. The Sandbar Mexican Grill, 10050 North Scottsdale Road, Suite 127, in Scottsdale, which opened September 1, promises to be the laid-back alternative to the rest of the Corieri clubs, complete with a beach-sand-covered patio, a fountain to wet your toes, and an economically priced menu of Mexican cuisine. The keepers of the Scottsdale dress code have even -- gasp -- approved flip-flops as suitable attire. Expect plenty of drink specials to help ring in the Sandbar's opening. Call 480-948-2606.-- Joe Watson

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