Oscars Fashion: Five Dresses We Want to See on the Red Carpet

Like all good celebrity worshippers, we enjoy the Oscars telecast, the jokes from Billy Crystal, the awkward mispronunciations during foreign film awards, feigned surprise, looks that could kill, and incidental swearing in acceptance speeches. 

But, we gotta say, our favorite part of the movie-maker merriment is the red carpet.

Our penchant for dress criticism rivals that of Joan Rivers, and makes us both the most fun person at Oscar viewing parties and also the bitchiest.

That's why we've selected a handful of gowns -- nothing less than stunners -- for the five Best Actress nominees to parade around in during the pre-show, while posing pretty and answering Ryan Seacrest's inane questions. Should the ladies don these duds, we'd have no choice but to shut up (no matter how difficult that might prove).

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Becky Bartkowski is an award-winning journalist and the arts and music editor at New Times, where she writes about art, fashion, and pop culture.
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