"P" Shy

Y’all are familiar with the “P” word, right? You know, that one. The one referring to a ladies’ nether regions? In Jessica Holter’s Don’t Say the “P” Word, it refers to the slang term for “vagina,” which is known to some folks as “punany.” There. We said it.

Holter’s performance dissects sexual attitudes, spirituality and self-worth in a society where Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl nip slip set off a nationwide scandal.

Say the “P” word around some women and you might get a cringe in return. But Holter, an activist and author, pretty much lives her life around the “P.” As the creator of the Punany Poets, her cast investigates the sex lives of conservative Christian housewives, uninhibited lovers and other sexual stereotypes to break down the frigid wall of conventional sexuality.

Sat., Aug. 27, 8 p.m., 2011
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Christina Caldwell