Pain Management

Aw, poor baby. Why so emo?

Oh, that’s right. This time of year is a heaping pile of suck ass for you and your fragile-around-the-holidays psyche.

Honestly, we get it. And that’s why The Hardest, Loneliest Hike in the Park looks so super rad. The four-mile killer traverses the Rainbow Trail and features more peaks and valleys than a family dinner with your vexatious in-laws.

Aside from the physical workout, just think how clear your head will be once you’re finished with the torturous yet liberating adventure. Which means you’ll be more able-minded to hurl quick-witted insults at your know-it-all in-laws, if need be.

Fri., Dec. 24, 8-11:30 a.m., 2010
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Steve Jansen
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