Paint PHX Mural Event to Hit Roosevelt Row, Grand Avenue, and Calle 16

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"As the movements have gained international exposure by one commercialized name [referring to Banksy] in recent years, it also has inspired artists who never painted a mural, letter piece, or stencil to create large-scale public works," Marcus says.

Art hubs like Roosevelt Row, Grand Avenue, and Calle 16 (located on 16th Street between Thomas and McDowell roads) have become what Marcus calls "epicenters for local mural movements [with] wildfire popularity."

The three will be the primary locations to house the murals. Barrio Café and The Hive, both in Calle 16, are sponsoring the event through wall space and paint support. Shorty's 602 Auto Sports, near Sixteenth and Van Buren streets has also donated wall space. It's this kind of cooperation, particularly from independent local owners, that has allowed the movement to flourish in the downtown area.

"I attribute the mural movement to artists motivating each other to brighten up the city with encouragement from local businesses, providing them with a legal wall to paint," says artist Tato Cavareo, who will be working on a number of pieces during the weekend-long show.

"I really like seeing Eric Cox's working starting to pop up around town," he says, going on to cite Marcus, Snyder, Lalo Cota, El Mac, Colton Brock, and J.J. Hohner as street artists to watch. "But there really is too many to list."

Paint PHX will feature these names and numerous others. Artist La Muñeca and crew will re-do the north and south walls of Dulcería Pico Rico, located on Sixteenth and Yale streets. Its current façade features the likeness of Hello Kitty as well as an array Disney Princesses -- many of which are beginning to fade, while all boast sour expressions unbecoming of their respective characters.

Gabriel Pecina will take the wall on Just Blaze off Camelback Road on 10th Street. Artists Ishmael Duenas, Adrian Dominic, and Page among others will give the parking lot of Bragg's Pie Factory on Grand Avenue and McKinley Street a makeover. Other muralists participating in the event include father-and-son duo Such and Champ Styles, Doug Miles, and Lady Rise. Marcus has also enlisted the help of out-of-towners from Tucson, Albuquerque, and Los Angeles.

Caraveo will be painting a few pieces around town. He's already started work on a mural for Lost Leaf's beer garden and will also paint a wall across the street at Think! Graphic and Printing Solutions. He and Snyder will be collaborating on a third piece, Caraveo says, but the location has yet to be confirmed.

Snyder, who opened his Roosevelt area shop, Fifth Street Paint Supply in late January, will not only be partaking in the pieces as a painter, but also as a business owner. The shop is the unofficial destination spot for these aspiring and established artists to buy materials like Montana Colors, a high quality spray paint known for its glossy shine and fade and weather resistance. Snyder will be painting the north side of Film Bar and may collaborate on a few other walls, he says.

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