Painting Plaid Walls with Kenny Barrett of GROWop Boutique in Phoenix

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Materials: - Plaid image or pattern for inspiration - Base color paint (approximately one gallon, but it varies based on surface size) - 4 to 5 different shades of paint (approx. one quart each, this will also vary) - Paint roller for base coat - Different sized paint brushes (1, 2, and 3 inch, depending on desired thickness of stripes) - Ruler or measuring tape - Dark pencil

Important things to keep in mind: - Consistency is key for this project. The plaid pattern is dependent on how the stripes fall within your grid, so make sure you keep the squares in consistent order with each other. - Again, your example pattern is what dictates how your own plaid surface will turn out, and it will vary accordingly from the GROWop wall. - Barrett insists that using tape to paint your lines is a bad idea, because it creates a mess and will peel off the layers of paint underneath each stripe. - Instead of tape, use the dots on your grid as visual markers to keep your stripes straight as you paint them.

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