Paper Heart Failure

This week, a wave of sorrow will crash over the artists, bands, and performers of Phoenix as they endure the loss of a dear friend: the Paper Heart.

For the past seven years, Scott Sanders’ spot has lit up the downtown area with spoken word, performance art, comedy, art exhibits, live music, independent film, and experimental-theater projects. One of the first spaces on Grand devoted to the arts, the Heart has pumped life into the area’s burgeoning creative atmosphere, helping to turn the Avenue into a street that now houses more than 30 galleries and performance venues. However, the space developed a bad case of financial thrombosis last year and never really recovered.

Express your appreciation during Paper Heart’s “The End” farewell show. The night -- which features Phoenix Neutrino Project, Dangerville, Chief Beef, Romantasy Cabaret, the Arizona Derby Dames, and more -- will be a chance for old friends to come out one last time while the Heart is still beating. Fittingly, proceeds from the $5 cover will go toward the cost of a moving-van rental.

Sat., Dec. 29, 2007
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Adriane Goetz