Party Arty

Art Detour, Phoenix's annual arts celebration organized by the nonprofit Artlink, is getting so big that pretty soon it won't be much of a detour at all it'll be a main thoroughfare. In case you've been blatantly ignoring how much the local art scene is delivering culture to downtown denizens, Artlink's monthly First Fridays art walk has evolved into a can't-miss event that draws thousands to local galleries.

Art Detour stretches this idea into a full weekend of festivities. What sets it apart from First Fridays is the sheer variety of venues. Along with established art spaces, many private artist studios and "mystery galleries" will be open to the public starting at 7 p.m. Friday, March 7, and continuing from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, March 8, and Sunday, March 9.

Aside from crowds roaming ordinarily quiet stretches of street, special performances lend a party atmosphere. Holgas Gallery, a daily epicenter of entertainment, offers music and poetry inside and outside. ThoughtCrime launches the "Art/War" (Art against War) exhibit with free live music, fire eaters and sword dancers on Friday night, followed by performance art throughout the weekend. MonOrchid hosts Shade Projects' art auction and fashion show, $10, on Saturday night, and the Paper Heart Gallery presents live rock 'n' roll for five bucks, also on Saturday night.

Free shuttle buses will be available. Visit for details. Michele Laudig

Art of Noise
ASU exhibit sounds unique
Visitors to Arizona State University's Computing Commons Gallery are in for a whole new art experience: becoming a part of the work itself. Don't worry, it doesn't take too much effort. "Conloninpurple," an installation created by Seattle techno artist Trimpin, produces sounds from tuned wooden bars and metal resonators that are suspended throughout the gallery space. When people enter, their presence becomes audible, affecting the musical output a fitting tribute to Trimpin's inspiration and collaborator, the late avant-garde composer Conlon Nancarrow. The free installation opens with a lecture by the artist at 3 p.m. Thursday, March 6, in the Computing Commons Auditorium, followed immediately by a reception. The building is located at the intersection of Palm Walk and Orange Mall on the ASU main campus in Tempe. For information call 480-965-9438 or visit Michele Laudig

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