Party of 5

Our accountant kept telling us, "Diversify." We took that to mean, "Break up with your boyfriend and try out for a stripper gig." Humiliating on both counts. Now we realize that the bean counter was gabbing about the Tres de Mayo Diverse-Fi Five-Year Anniversary Party featuring sounds by Fetti Profoun, Tribal Path, Baraka, Sinclair's Revenge, and more; live-action artwork by Dave Ware, Sentrock, and Crek 173; and an urban-fashion trunk show by DelecTable.

Mardi Gras owner Jeff Chazen has worked with Diverse-Fi’s DJ Seduce, the featured birthday boy, before, and says Seduce "combines the best of local-music talent with art and fashion to put together a great show for all his fans. We do expect a full house."

So why “Tres de Mayo”? Is there some significance to the date? Yes, according to the following e-mail response to our query from Diverse-Fi Music: "May 3rd is significance, cause 1 - its a weekend night! hahah, and theres no work the next day." Hey, we're not grammar snobs. Pass the dutchie.

Sat., May 3, 9 p.m., 2008
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Leslie Barton
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