Pass the Bucs

Living in a professional sports town whose teams range from subpar to piss-ant poor, we tend to be attracted to other equally lousy teams, if only to make us feel better about breathing the same air as those Cardinals and Coyotes. Take the Pittsburgh Pirates, the bitches of the National League Central. At the All-Star break, they were, once again, the bottom feeders of their division and on track to drop 100 games. If they end up holding true to form, a below-.500 season would be the team’s 16th in a row, matched only by the 1933 to 1948 Philadelphia Phillies. Good job, fellas.
Mon., Aug. 4, 6:40 p.m.; Tue., Aug. 5, 6:40 p.m.; Wed., Aug. 6, 12:40 p.m., 2008
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Steve Jansen
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