Peep Me XOXO, Reddit's Phoenix Winter Wonderland Prom, and Super Hero Battles Over the Weekend

Peep Me XOXO at Gypsy Bar Peep Me XOXO was full of debauchery, whether it was a dance floor full of happy couples and friends, Nyla The High Pimpstress' titillating aerial performance, or the folks enjoying cocktails in the bar. We got a peep of the night's debut on Saturday, November 17.

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Reddit's Phoenix Winter Wonderland Prom High school proms are totally lame -- getting ready costs time and money, the music is terrible, and most importantly, there's no booze. Reddit's Phoenix Winter Wonderland Prom remedied this with its thrift store chic theme and DJ Manchester spinning 80s classics. Check out the not-so-awkward shenanigans at Rips Ales and Cocktails on Saturday, November 17.

Epic Super Hero Battle 2012 Old Town Scottsdale was the site of raucous and rowdy showdown between good and evil on Saturday, November 17, during the this year's edition of Improv AZ's Epic Super Hero Battle. The flashmob-like event, which featured such original comic book-style characters as "Hatred Man," "Doctor Anubis," or "The Great Rainbow," saw participants becoming either heroes or villains and roaming the streets and sidewalks before engaging in battle near the Scottsdale Waterfront.

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